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Note: Brunch is no longer served on Saturdays and is only available upon request.

Gluten Free



Arabic Breakfast - $6.95

Zaatar (thyme), cheese, labneh (Soft Middle Eastern yogurt), olives, side salad.

Egg Salad - $5.95

Boiled Egg, onions, parsley, olive oil and spices.

Shakshoukeh - $6.95

Sunny side up egg, tomato, bell peppers, garlic and spices.

Eggs & Potatoes - $7.95

Scrambled eggs with potatoes.

Ful Mudamas - $6.95

Fava beans with lemon, olive oil, garlic and parsley.

Falafel - $3.95 (6pc) | $5.95 (12pc)

Ground chickpeas mixed with our special blend of herbs.

Hummus with Ful- $5.95

Chickpeas with lemon, salt, and garlic. Topped with olive oil, parsley, and paprika.

Hummus with Meat - $9.95 (S) $11.95 (L)

Hummus topped with spiced beef and lamb, nuts, and olive oil with pita bread.

Musakhan - $3.50

Flatbread topped with shredded chicken, slow-cooked onion with red pepper paste, and sumak.

Manousheh Zaatar - $2.50

Flatbread topped with Zaatar (Thyme) spices and sesame seed.

Manousheh Cheese - $2.50

Flatbread topped with Arabic Cheese.

Sunny Side Up Manousheh - $2.50

Flatbread topped with a sunny side up.

Labneh - $4.95

Middle Eastern Soft Cheese Dip with pita bread.

Fresh Juice - $4.50

Lemonade, Orange, Carrot or Apple

Coffee - $2.95


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